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We are always keen to work with storytellers across the artistic disciplines. Our ethos is to nurture and develop talent in an equitable and sustainable manner. We offer:


Theatre In Education

We are actively involved in Theatre In Education. For further information on our involvement, please visit our sister company's website:

Development / Co-Productions

We are always keen to explore new ideas and stories, fresh approaches to classical narratives and historical events seen from different perspectives, as well as new writing. Whether you are a writer, director, producer or creative – anyone with a good story to tell – we want to hear from you. As a company, we have several co-productions in development, and are now looking for submissions for 2018/2019. Please get in touch with us.



We offer tax-efficient investment opportunities in the arts, as well as guidance on raising funds through a variety of sources. If you are looking to become a patron and/or investor in the arts, or whether you are keen to discuss raising funds for your creative project, please do contact us


The Adam Morley Theatre Company believe in offering free workshops at regular intervals throughout the year. We feel there are too many exploitative workshops aimed at creative professionals, which tend to be nothing more than glorified Q&A sessions. Our workshops include directing for beginners, physical theatre/non-verbal communication, and development/producing workshops, amongst others. Please sign up to our newsletter for further details, including dates and times of future workshops.


We offer a creative surgery service. We can advise on a broad range of issues relating to production, both commercial and creative at any stage of its development, including how to take the next step, ethical casting, fundraising, technical development and many more. Please feel free to contact us to book an appointment with one of our experienced theatrical surgeons.


We believe in mentoring, and the benefits of having an experienced guide to turn to when in need. We never charge for our mentoring services and simply ask that the mentee pay it forward in kind. A useful resource for those looking to become mentors is Please feel free to send us an email if you would like to discuss your artistic endeavours with us.





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