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Sea of Tranquility

Written by Martin Malcolm

To reach for the moon, you must let go of the world.


Phoebe knows what she wants. She wants to be the first woman on the moon. Ever since she shook the hand of space legend Michael Collins when she was just seven years old, she's known. And she's never let anything get in the way of that ambition. The years of dedicated study, the punishing physical tests, the parties missed, the lovers lost, the friends forgotten, she's accepted them all.


And now her dream is about to come true. There's just one thing ...


The night before lift-off, she finds she's pregnant. And suddenly, the moon seems further away than it has ever been. What will she do? Her baby or her dream, how can she choose? And afterwards, how can she live with her choice?


Sea of Tranquillity blends the momentous story of Michael Collins' historic moonshot with Phoebe's contemporary concerns, asking questions about our place in the world and our hopes for the future.

About the Author

Everything Theatre describes Martin’s work as 'brimming with a strange, gritty tenderness, that draws you right in.'


His plays include Mass Transit (Lost Theatre), Icarus (Southwark Playhouse), Diggers (Theatre 503), Squad (Camden People’s Theatre), Fake Fur Coat (The Tristan Bates Theatre), Ink (Simulacra Studio), Drifters (The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter), Kingdom of the Icebear (The RondoTheatre, Bath), Care (The Rosemary Branch), Tiramisu (The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol) and NightFlyer (Egg Studio at Bath Theatre Royal, The Tristan Bates Theatre and The Lion and Unicorn). His work is supported by the Peggy Ramsay Foundation.


'Had me hooked from start to finish' * * * *

Review of NightFlyer, London Theatre 1


'Relentlessly intensifying emotional mayhem!' * * * *

Review of NightFlyer, Theatre Bath

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