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Equality and Diversity Platform

Thank you for your interest in adding your voice and support for the creation of a new platform and joint language for diversity and equality, especially in the arts.


We in the arts need to lead the way in education, entertainment and inspiration.

We need support to achieve these goals and a common language and understanding.


Therefore I am proposing in the first instance creating a joint statement that people can adopt, if they wish, on how to understand, verbalise and act on the issues facing minority under represented parties in the arts. 


A statement to remove vagueness and uncertainty, that deflates the constant 'whataboutary' and helps explain the issues being faced and perhaps how they can be overcome.


We do not have those answers, nor are we professing that we do. However, together we can attempt to create a working template to ease uncertainty and stop these conversations being taboo or ignored completely.


The second aim for the platform is to raise money! 


Via a strong pool of political and economic contacts this is very achievable, my wish would be to create a fund supported by private business rather than public purse to remove unnecessary bureaucracy and caveats.


This fund would be administered by a panel of peers and would create opportunity where none exists. And to support the good work already being done.


There are many others who are trying what we are doing. I want to support them as much as possible and persuade them to join this conversation. The strength of this project lies in our differences not our similarities. The more voices and input we gather the better and more comprehensive a job we will achieve.

Please contact us to add your voice and become part of the team!

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